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jQuery With Example

This website provides the knowledge about jQuery With Example that help you learn how to do more on your web application pages with less script. I have explain each blog with an example. You simply copy the code from this website and paste in a file. After that save your file with html extension and open with any browser.

My aims to change the way that web developers think about creating rich functionality in their pages with the help of jQuery. Rather than spending time juggling the complexities of advanced JavaScript. This is one of the great benefits that jQuery brings to our web applications is the ability to implement a great deal of scripting-enabled behavior without having to write a whole lot of script ourselves

In this website, we are going to take an in-depth look at what jQuery has to offer to developers of highly interactive web applications.

What is jQuery?

In simple word, jQuery is a JavaScript library. The main feature of jQuery are given below.

  • DOM traversal and manipulation
  • AJAX
  • Event handling
  • Effects and animations

Why we use jQuery?

Now you know that jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It is easy to learn. jQuery handles cross-browser inconsistencies and provides a consistent interface that works across different browsers. The jQuery library has a full suite of AJAX capabilities.


AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is the technology of exchanging data with a browser to server. With the help of AJAX we can update specific parts of a web page without resubmit the whole page.


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    How can i achieve colspan of multiple tables in Jquery, For example i have 3 tables displayed adjacently and all of 3 has 3X3 now i wanted to colspan all the columns of 3 tables and display a div with full width of 3 tables.

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